The Staff

All of the staff at the Westchester School of Beauty Culture are licensed professionals and educators who are skilled in all aspects of cosmetology—hair, nails makeup and skin care. Because our teachers passionately believe in education, every staff member attends regular seminars, shows and training sessions to stay current in the latest trends, techniques, products, equipment and methodology.

Ms. Jessica is the director of the Westchester School of Beauty Culture. A hairdresser, esthetician and teacher for almost 40 years, Ms. Jessica has worked in several New York salons and held various positions in the school. As well as running the Westchester Beauty School, she speaks regularly at events and is active in the her community. Ms. Jessica regularly takes part in advanced training and seminars and is qualified in aromatherapy.

Mr. Mike is Westchester Beauty School’s president, substitute teacher and financial aid administrator. Not only has he has worked in the beauty industry since 1963 as a hairdresser, style director and manager, he is also an accomplished teacher having personally taken part in the training of over 2,000 hairdressers. He keeps up-to-date with current developments by attending frequent workshops and seminars.

Ms. Patti is the senior instructor and supervisor at the Westchester School of Beauty Culture. Ms. Patti is experienced in all aspects of cosmetology including scalp conditioning, hairstyling and skincare. Since graduating in 1971, she has been a hairdressing and style instructor. Ms. Patti is a member of the Teachers Educational Council and the National Cosmetology Association. Frequent attendance at seminars in cosmetology keep her abreast of developments in her special areas of expertise. Ms. Patti is an experienced colorist who brings her modern techniques and puts them to use in the clinic area for training and supervising the students.

Ms. Colleen is assistant to the director at Westchester Beauty School, Ms. Colleen began her career at Westchester School of Beauty Culture in 1992 as an administrative assistant. Today, her responsibilities include attendance, maintaining student records, assisting students with admissions and financial aid, as well as preparing the school’s annual reports.

Ms. Liz is an instructor at teacher at the Westchester School of Beauty Culture and an experienced hairdresser who has worked in the industry since 1969. She is a graduate of the Wilfred Academy. As well as teaching cosmetology since 1986, she is a skin therapist, reflexologist, desairologist and Reiki Master. Ms. Liz regularly participates in workshops and seminars to keep abreast with the latest technical skills. She has taken many advanced courses with the International Dermal Institute. Ms. Liz teaches hairdressing, skincare, makeup and speed waxing. She incorporates Reiki into her daily life and uses this healing modality in the classroom to create balance and lift the self-esteem of her students.

Mr. Frank is an instructor who has worked in Westchester and New York City. He has worked for the Jeffery Stein Salon, Elizabeth Arden and Supercuts where he was the assistant manager. Mr. Frank regularly attends seminars and beauty shows to keep up with the latest trends and techniques.

Ms. Kenyatta

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