Annual Campus Security Disclosure

  1. All students are notified of programs available concerning alcohol and drug abuse education, crime prevention and campus security policies during orientation. These programs are included in this disclosure and our Drug Prevention leaflet. A signed copy of each is kept in the student’s folder, acknowledging that they have read and received a copy.
  2. Procedures for reporting crimes and other emergencies: During official school hours, all students and personnel are to immediately report any criminal acts and emergencies to the facility or Administration Office. The facility and/or Administrator will contact the appropriate authorities.
    1. To report to the Mount Vernon Police Department
      Telephone—(914) 665-2500
    2. To report to the Mount Vernon Fire Department
      Telephone—(914) 665-2613
  3. Policies regarding Security: Westchester School of Beauty Culture maintains surveillance equipment for security purposes, to protect students and facility. All students are assigned a school locker to prevent loss of school and personal articles.
  4. Policies on the use, possession and sale of alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs: Staff and students are prohibited from the unlawful manufacture, distribution, possession and use of illicit drugs and alcohol. This prohibition applies while on the property of the school or participation in any institutional activities. Students or employees who violate this policy will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including expulsion or termination from employment. Please read our Drug Prevention leaflet.
  5. Procedures a student should follow if a sex offense occurs:
    1. Get to a safe, secure place.
    2. Report the incident. Call a friend and/or the Rape Crisis Center—(914) 684-9877 or (914) 345-3113.
    3. Do not bathe or change clothing so as not to destroy any evidence.
    4. Seek medical attention for the collection of physical evidence. Also be examined or treated for any injuries, to help prevent against any sexually transmitted diseases and deal with possible pregnancy.
    5. Seek counseling.
      • Rape Crisis Helpline (914) 684-9877
      • Rape Survivors Support Group (914) 628-9284
      • Victims Assistance Services (914) 667-1610
      • Crime Prevention Information
        • NY State Crime Victims Compensation (filing and follow up)
        • Counseling Services (individual and Group)
        • Support Groups (homicide victims, rape/incest & survivors)
        • Court Services (court accompaniment and information, court assistance program in Mount Vernon and Yonkers)
    6. New York State Crime Victims Board is a government agency set up to help cover the expenses of crime victims. To receive these benefits, you must report the crime to both police and the Crime Victims Board.
  6. Procedures for on-campus disciplinary action in cases of alleged sexual assault: 1. The accused and the accuser will be seen by the School Director and Administrator and which time disciplinary action will be determined 2. The accused will be suspended pending further investigation: a. If the accused is found not guilty, he/she shall be entitled to resume instruction and finish the course. b. If the accused is found guilty, he/she shall be terminated. 3. Both the accused and the accuser shall be notified, in writing, of the outcome of any investigation.
  7. Statistical Reports On-Campus*
    Crime Criminal Occurrences Hate Occurrences
    Murder/Non-negligent manslaughter 0 0
    Forcible/non-forcible sex offences 0 0
    Robbery 0 0
    Aggravated assault 0 0
    Burglary 0 0
    Motor vehicle theft 0 0
    Arson 0 0
    Negligent manslaughter 0 0
    Simple assault 0 0
    Liquor law violations 0
    Drug law violations 0
    Illegal weapons possession 0
    *For reporting purposes, on-campus includes any occurrences in the building. None of the reported occurrences took place within the Westchester School of Beauty Culture.

The complete document can be downloaded here: Download Complete Report

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